Dec 22, 2010

White Christmas Town

Christmas 2010 Limited Room

i made this room to join to the room photo contest.

but it was an uphill job.

because, i always didn't have enough gummies.

and this contest was closed the list before christmas.

i consumed 10 days to make this room.

i finished to make this room 15 minutes before the time limit..

i couldn't take a picture with the night wall.

so it was funny for Christmas theme.

i know that was bad picture.

i regret about this.

This room was used full items,, i surprised..

because, this room is really simple.

it look like using not so many items.

Do you know this room is really Cheap?

i' m using the Corrugated box for the building.
※Corrugated box is 10 AG

this room is the cheapest in my room.

So be careful when you enter this building.

because this room was made of Corrugated box, it is really fragile,,,xD
you can crime on the tree

have a nice christmas♪

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  1. Anonymous1/08/2011

    i wnt the restaurant room or bar

  2. Miramin thank u for your comment.

    to make a restaurant and bar room is not so difficult.
    becauz there are many kitchen and shop items in pico.
    have a nice time to make your pico room.