Jan 28, 2011

New Pigg Room1

This is my New Pigg Room.

The Castle Japanese. 
楼閣 〜室町時代初期〜

The period of this Castle is early MUROMACHI

KINKAKU-JI is located KYOTO in Japan.

i don't know why making pigg room is so hard.

it was the hardest work in my rooms.

i spent one month and half to build.

i don't know how much i spent.

the biggest problem is too hard to save gummies on pigg.

i haven't played the scratch card for 2 month.
[ the scratch card: 1play 20 gummies / we can collect maximum 48gummies par one day ]

then, some blocks not exist there.

this castle is smaller than my pico room1.

but i reached the room capacity. [maximum500]

btw i cant tell u my pigg name.

because, my pigg account is really private.

so i show u my pigg room on this blog.

i like this room better than pico room1.

so please tell me Which room is better my pigg room or pico room1.

i want to remake pico room1 like this.

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