May 9, 2011

Hot Air Balloon in Holland

i almost complete my room4.
This Room is "A Hot Air Balloon in Holland"

Hot Air Balloon in Holland

there are over 7000 windmills in Holland.

Netherlands is famous for the hot air balloon festival.
i designed Netherlands's flag color on the balloon.

i wanted tulip item for this room.
instead of tulip i've used flower's cube.

While i was making this room, when i found dutch pico user, i had often asked them for advice to find naming for this room and Netherlands room's ideas.

i could make this room through their help.
thank you so much.

i only went to Amsterdam before.
i am big fam of Vincent van Gogh.
there is a museum of Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam.

i took these pictures▼

Amsterdam is waterside beautiful city.
i love there.
and one day i want to visit another city too.

i spent this room for one month, because i had to save gummies.
maybe this room is the cheapest room for me.
i use almost only gummies items.

my pico room's theme is Worldwide Waterside Beauties.
so waterside theme rooms are completed.

i m glad to complete.

i wish you will love all my rooms.

thank you

pigg blog ranking
pigg blog ranking

after the blogger maintenance i can't post as well


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