Jul 25, 2011

newbie's restaurant building

are u enjoying world chef?

it's my first room just simple restaurant.

recently i dont have time to login anything.

so dont ask me my level, its quite poor. eternal newbie



  1. NICE ! yuna :)
    it me fibi lets be my neighboor :3

  2. hello fibi

    thank you for your comment.

    but sorry i won't add any pico user to my facebook friends.. i cant b your neighbor.
    but its ok my world chef room is nothing interest. just newbie's room.

  3. ei yuna.It's ★S~Aditya~S★.Sorry if i post something wrong in the facebook page.I just post it without thinking what will happen next.Btw i don't know how old are you but i'm only 11 i in sixth grade.So i cannot thinking too far ahead what will happen,but yeah,I'm sorry.

  4. hey yuna what a date u will opened ur room
    im so impatient xD

    lets make grand opening ur room xD

  5. Yuna hello,.. nice room..!!

    I just wanted to tell. I found one game that is similar ameba Pigg,.. but speaking of China,.. but I find many differences,.. difficult to explain,. maybe you should try it yourself, .. : D

  6. I like youre room in world chef I try do something like youre one but now because you are having it I will change my mind a do anoter one so cool youre room

  7. Yuna,

    it's been almost a year since you closed your room, I remember i joined pico during this time in last year. my newbie days was hanging out and having fun in your rooms, and your room was the first room i ever faved! sadly, happy times didn't last long; soon, you closed your rooms. I was so clueless, i was just a newb and don't understand everything that's going on in pico, but now i know: it's because of copy cats.

    it's been a year already... during these days, i always click into your house, and hoping it's finally unlocked. But disappointment approach me every time.

    so please, a lot of us still wanting to visit your rooms again. I hope before pico ends, you will reopen your rooms again ;)

    one of your many fans