Nov 15, 2012

MATSUMOTO Castle in Japan

hello friends

Do you remember me?
i haven't been on pico for a long time.
i was too busy these days.

I'm very sad closing pico.... you too?
I can understand why it gonna close.
do you know why?

but i can't help.
so i did renew my rooms for my final pico memories.
if you will love my new room, it is my pleasure.

Pico room2
国宝 松本城 別名 : 烏城 

 this style of room is not difficult for me.
it was quick built.

i am a little tired this type of design,
but i wanted show you Japanese traditional beauty. 
because I am japanese.
if you come Japan, Don't miss to come to this castle.

i am really sorry. many people posted me on my another blog "How to play pigg"
i don't answer long time. 
even i can't update.
i hope i can renew one day.
can you wait me a little moment?

pigg blog ranking
pigg blog ranking


  1. Yuna what your pico id again?
    i forgot ._.
    P.S. by the way i always love your rooms from the beginning :D

  2. thanks for your comment
    my ID is always this ↓


    did you already find me?
    recently i am on Hot30

  3. Hi Yuna!!
    It's me Mila Hartz,from pico. do you remember me? Now I play also pigg.
    Do you remember Drew and Desi? my ID is Milaღ

  4. I am the girl from Holland!