Nov 15, 2012

MATSUMOTO Castle in Japan

hello friends

Do you remember me?
i haven't been on pico for a long time.
i was too busy these days.

I'm very sad closing pico.... you too?
I can understand why it gonna close.
do you know why?

but i can't help.
so i did renew my rooms for my final pico memories.
if you will love my new room, it is my pleasure.

Pico room2
国宝 松本城 別名 : 烏城 

 this style of room is not difficult for me.
it was quick built.

i am a little tired this type of design,
but i wanted show you Japanese traditional beauty. 
because I am japanese.
if you come Japan, Don't miss to come to this castle.

i am really sorry. many people posted me on my another blog "How to play pigg"
i don't answer long time. 
even i can't update.
i hope i can renew one day.
can you wait me a little moment?

pigg blog ranking
pigg blog ranking

Jul 25, 2011

newbie's restaurant building

are u enjoying world chef?

it's my first room just simple restaurant.

recently i dont have time to login anything.

so dont ask me my level, its quite poor. eternal newbie


Jun 26, 2011

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

this is my New pigg room 1 

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris France

commonly known as Sacré-Cœur Basilica [ french:Basilique du Sacré-Cœur ]
This is famous church in Paris.

just i had lived near this church.
i promise this is my favorite church in my life.

i still often go there when i go to Paris.

it's really elegant and  nice view.

if you go to Paris as tourist you would go this church.
always many tourists there.

indeed too hard to make this church..

i spent one month half.
and i'm using 395 items in this room.

i had deleted my former pigg room1"castle japan" last month.. without taking final picture.

why i deleted without notice?
i had loved former room.
but when i found a copycat whose golden castle became famous in pico, i felt sad, and asked him to delete.
but he didn't understand me. 
then i really haven't liked to see my japanese castle. in pico too. you know?

then i swear to make room something better that no one can copy.

making pigg room is harder than pico room. 
i can make one room every month in pico, but in pigg
 i can't.

but in pico hard to find nice room.

in pigg many people has original room and we respect each other.

of course no copycat.

more than more my pico life is desagreeable.

idk when i can open my pico room.

next my pico room will be completely new idea.

so pls wait until i complete and my sorrow will be healed.

sorry to say, i dont like pico user come to my pigg room.
so i still can't show my pigg name.

that's why i made this blog, to show my pigg rooms.

thank you for your comprehension.

Jun 19, 2011

Result YUNA's Best Room

Thank you for joining for to room vote.
i got total 629 votes for one month until 15 june 2011

the best room is 

Hot Air Balloon in Netherlands


2nd. Castle on the sea in Japan

3rd Le Chateau de Chenonceau in France

4th Venice in Italy

 This is the result.
i already deleted the worst room "Italy".
the best room "Nethelands" i save for 2 month.

i' m surprising this result.

because 2nd ~4th rooms are not so differance of votes.

room4 was expectable.
 because room4 is new and quite unique room.

finally I'm glad that many people loved my rooms.
over 600vote is really awesome.

Thank you so much.

by the way my best room was the room1 japan room.

because i'm japanese. always room1 is japanese theme.
i like this room's coloring and design.

but i already deleted this room.

why did i already delete? regardless the result. [ room2 was 2nd place. ]

because, too much got copyed this room1...
so copycats drove me to delete this room earlier.

sad result isn't you?

but It's ok.
it's sad to be copied but i can make new room.

i really like to do something creative.
that's why i am a designer in real life.

it is my pleasure to make creative things and show it.

maybe i have to make something that no one can copy.
i need long times to make new room.

please wait and wonder :)

thank you

pigg blog ranking
pigg blog ranking

Arrivederci Venezia

this room is gone yesterday.
thank you for coming a lot.

room2 is always coloful room.
it was a big challenge for me.
one coloring and few coloring room is easy to match.
but colorful room is really hard to match and beautiful.

when i wanted to leave my account on pico.
always i had stayed here,
bcz only in this room i could relax.

maybe real Venice image and warm coloring makes me calm.

i just started to make room 1 and 2.
usually i need one month to make one room.
so maybe i need one month to complete.

a little patience

thank u

pigg blog ranking

Japanese Catle is gone

Japanese castle is gone.

maybe this room was my simbol room.
it was my favorite room.

Do you know room1 is always Japanese theme.

because i am japanese.
i want to show you japanese beauty in first room.

many times this room was copyed.

many copycats makes me sad tired to play pico.

finally an indonesian whose golden castle, he became famous with my this room's idea.
it was really hard to communicate with copycat. bcz he could not speak english well and really childish.
i give up about him.
i really hate to see hot30 now.

it's my fault, because this room was easy to copyed.

if you are true pico player, Never copy someone. that's only sad.

i don't want hate someone any more.

so tired playing pico
thank you for coming a lot.
maybe you can guess next room1 is going to be japanese theme.

maybe yes. but i will make completely new.

i'm just looking for the design.

please wait until complete

pigg blog ranking
pigg blog ranking

Jun 9, 2011

Pigg Life has released -translation-

Have you already started "Pigg Life"?
Pigg Life is pigg garden world.

It was just released 31st May 2011.

of course you can enjoy without AG.

If you want to start, before go to this site, be Login ameba pigg.
①pigg login ▶
②pigg Life Login ▶

If you need to help translate, Check my 2nd blog 
"How to start pigg?

pigg life how to start? how to play? main page translation
quest list cooking list event

May 22, 2011

Thank you for a lot of Favs

thank you for a lot of rings and Favs.
finally i had got top1 on hot 30 again.

Thank you so much.

i wish it gives japanese user

because after the earthquake 3.11, it's always only dark news in Japan.

i know japanese don't play pico so much.

if it was happy news for them, it's my pleasure.

get1 may 2011

my room is a little special.

it's not like other top of hot30's room

my room is always empty or never full.. because nothing to do to stay in my room.

my room is just huge and unique.

then i don't like to ask someone to favorite my room.
because it's them who judge favorite or not.
so i have never asked to favs.

that's why to be on hot30 is really hard for me.

so getting top1 is miracle for me.

Thank you so much.

There is a Room Vote on my blog side➜
you can vote everyday.
if you have your favorite, please vote one.

thank you.

this is just i got 15555th favs. 20.May 2011

"prom 2011" for photo contest join pictures
we were wearing 10 wigs xD

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May 10, 2011

the Vote "YUNA's Best ROOM"

Worldwide Waterside Beauties
i have just completed my room's theme in 2011 "Worldwide Waterside Beauties"

so i want to ask you Which roon is your favorite in YUNA's Room?

Choose your favorite room.
and vote please.

Thank you for joining this Vote is gone.

if you want to know about these rooms click a picture▼

castle on the sea in japan

Venice in Italy

Le chateau de Chenonceau in France

Hot Air Balloon in Holland

Thank your for joining
this vote until 16 June 2011.

result→ maybe the worst room i will delete first.

now i start to make pigg room2, maybe i need over one month to complete there.
so a little patience.

one day i want to have pico room contest with another awsome pico room designers.

pigg blog ranking
pigg blog ranking

May 9, 2011

Hot Air Balloon in Holland

i almost complete my room4.
This Room is "A Hot Air Balloon in Holland"

Hot Air Balloon in Holland

there are over 7000 windmills in Holland.

Netherlands is famous for the hot air balloon festival.
i designed Netherlands's flag color on the balloon.

i wanted tulip item for this room.
instead of tulip i've used flower's cube.

While i was making this room, when i found dutch pico user, i had often asked them for advice to find naming for this room and Netherlands room's ideas.

i could make this room through their help.
thank you so much.

i only went to Amsterdam before.
i am big fam of Vincent van Gogh.
there is a museum of Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam.

i took these pictures▼

Amsterdam is waterside beautiful city.
i love there.
and one day i want to visit another city too.

i spent this room for one month, because i had to save gummies.
maybe this room is the cheapest room for me.
i use almost only gummies items.

my pico room's theme is Worldwide Waterside Beauties.
so waterside theme rooms are completed.

i m glad to complete.

i wish you will love all my rooms.

thank you

pigg blog ranking
pigg blog ranking

after the blogger maintenance i can't post as well