May 22, 2011

Thank you for a lot of Favs

thank you for a lot of rings and Favs.
finally i had got top1 on hot 30 again.

Thank you so much.

i wish it gives japanese user

because after the earthquake 3.11, it's always only dark news in Japan.

i know japanese don't play pico so much.

if it was happy news for them, it's my pleasure.

get1 may 2011

my room is a little special.

it's not like other top of hot30's room

my room is always empty or never full.. because nothing to do to stay in my room.

my room is just huge and unique.

then i don't like to ask someone to favorite my room.
because it's them who judge favorite or not.
so i have never asked to favs.

that's why to be on hot30 is really hard for me.

so getting top1 is miracle for me.

Thank you so much.

There is a Room Vote on my blog side➜
you can vote everyday.
if you have your favorite, please vote one.

thank you.

this is just i got 15555th favs. 20.May 2011

"prom 2011" for photo contest join pictures
we were wearing 10 wigs xD

pigg blog ranking

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