May 10, 2011

the Vote "YUNA's Best ROOM"

Worldwide Waterside Beauties
i have just completed my room's theme in 2011 "Worldwide Waterside Beauties"

so i want to ask you Which roon is your favorite in YUNA's Room?

Choose your favorite room.
and vote please.

Thank you for joining this Vote is gone.

if you want to know about these rooms click a picture▼

castle on the sea in japan

Venice in Italy

Le chateau de Chenonceau in France

Hot Air Balloon in Holland

Thank your for joining
this vote until 16 June 2011.

result→ maybe the worst room i will delete first.

now i start to make pigg room2, maybe i need over one month to complete there.
so a little patience.

one day i want to have pico room contest with another awsome pico room designers.

pigg blog ranking
pigg blog ranking

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