Feb 8, 2011

Venice -along the Adriatic sea-

this is new room at my room2.

the theme is Venice.

Venice is a city in north Italy along the Adriatic sea. 

i love Venice.

i believe Venice is the most beautiful city in the world.

i took these pictures when i went to Venice.
i took it from Gondola

i wanted to make warm color's building.... and Gondola -able to ride-

by the way i wanted to make Rialto Bridge in my room.
Rialto Bridge is the most famous bridge in Venice.
This is Rialto Bridge↓↓

i tried to make this bridge. but it was hard to make....
16×16 room is not enough space to build.
...and that had not impact.

so i could not make this bridge.

i made a simple bridge there.

At first when i started to make this room, i put 70 blue blocks on the floor to make the sea.

but it was easy to be surpassed Room capacity....

so i used a light blue floor for the sea.

My Rooms are always High and Big, so in every rooms the Room capacity was surpassed.

i really hope the Room Capacity will be increased.

Did u already ride on a Gondola?

if u cannot ride on it, Try to click the border of the seat and the block.
like this picture ↓

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  1. LOL YUNA i always adore your house <3 love it darl :D

  2. hi emerald longtimes no seen. i miss u

    thank u for your comment ♥

    me too i m big fan of your rooms :)

  3. Yuna's i always admire ur room its so beautiful! i always admire ur room because is so beautiful!

  4. Hi Yuna!You have an amazing room and i really like it!Can u help me?im thinking what must i make to my room