Feb 4, 2011

Final Picture at Asian Castle

Did u already take a picture at room1?

today is this castle's last day.

i will delete it today.

really sad, because i love this room.

this is my first room on pico.
it was the most hardest job in my rooms

and many ideas there.

why i used a long seat for the roof top?

because, this room was surpassed the room capacity.

in every room i cant put more items. so always i put full items.

when i make a room, i am always thinking how do i economize the number of items.

so this roof seat is just to save the number of items.

by the way i wanted to show japanese beauty.

i had stared to make this room when pico room's system was changed. [expand and increase rooms]

i wanted to see the possibility of pico room's.

so always my room is under construction.

i like making the room and i want to find new possibility.

of course i want to make something new.

actually i want to remake this room.
i want to change outlook like a my pigg room and more elegant. 

the color of parts are a little unrealistic in this room.

when i built this room i made a point of impact.

because here is room1, everyone enter and see here.

so this room is high and big and shocking coloring.

i will change the color more realistic.
thank you for coming here and many messages.

-about this room-
theme :Asian Castle
old post: 12 Dec 2010
times to build : one month
period : October.2010 - February 2011
total item's number : full
AG : not so many, i had used only cheap items.
vote:  [ 2nd ]
my favorite : ★★★★☆
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