Jan 24, 2011

The result "YUNA's Best ROOM"

Thank you for joining a my Room Vote.

i got total 282 vote for 2 weeks. 8. Jan- 24. Jan. 2011

"Which Room Do you like the Best in YUNA's ROOM"

The Best Room is 

The Shopping MALL 

1st The Shopping MALL 139 Vote 48%

2nd Asian Castle 59vote 20%

3rd Taj MAHAL 55vote 19%

4th Restaurant Building 29vote 10%

total 282vote 

so i will delete Room2 next month.

and i will make a new room there.

anyway my favorite ranking is completely opposite↓

1st Restaurant building
because this is the most expensive room.
and always empty there. xDD
it's a joke...
i know there are many restaurants in pico.
and easy to make this theme.
i don't know why this room is my Favorite
i think,,,, i like this room's ideas. 

2nd Asian Castle
because it was the hardest to make.

3rd Taj Mahal
i love this but this room is not completed. 
and color is too simple

4th Shopping MALL
it is a new room. i can understand why this room could get 1st.
but i don't like the Roof. i didn't have nice idea for the roof.
and always my room is high. but this room is not so high... 

by the way, i could get 1st place in Hot30, in my birthday. 

it was a really nice birthday surprise.
Thank you so mach.

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