Jun 26, 2011

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

this is my New pigg room 1 

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris France

commonly known as Sacré-Cœur Basilica [ french:Basilique du Sacré-Cœur ]
This is famous church in Paris.

just i had lived near this church.
i promise this is my favorite church in my life.

i still often go there when i go to Paris.

it's really elegant and  nice view.

if you go to Paris as tourist you would go this church.
always many tourists there.

indeed too hard to make this church..

i spent one month half.
and i'm using 395 items in this room.

i had deleted my former pigg room1"castle japan" last month.. without taking final picture.

why i deleted without notice?
i had loved former room.
but when i found a copycat whose golden castle became famous in pico, i felt sad, and asked him to delete.
but he didn't understand me. 
then i really haven't liked to see my japanese castle. in pico too. you know?

then i swear to make room something better that no one can copy.

making pigg room is harder than pico room. 
i can make one room every month in pico, but in pigg
 i can't.

but in pico hard to find nice room.

in pigg many people has original room and we respect each other.

of course no copycat.

more than more my pico life is desagreeable.

idk when i can open my pico room.

next my pico room will be completely new idea.

so pls wait until i complete and my sorrow will be healed.

sorry to say, i dont like pico user come to my pigg room.
so i still can't show my pigg name.

that's why i made this blog, to show my pigg rooms.

thank you for your comprehension.


  1. Your rooms are amazing! I added your blog and will read it often. :3

  2. btw, I wish I could be your buddy. I am not a copycat. ♥

    Pico ID: Coco☆╮

  3. janine >> thx for ur comment and thx for fav.

    i follow back you too.

    i like your blog. its pretty.

  4. Can you open soon?
    I miss seeing your room!
    and i hope you stop the copycat..

    - Chachiii

  5. jullian >>i want to open, but actually i login only 2min par one day. but while 2 min..i found new copycat of my room...its horrible to open..

  6. Yuna I really really want to be buddies. I think I can compete with you in building the room. but I need gummies very much,. You can check my room. add me buddy. I beg,. rooms 2 and 4 but I still keep it secret now. I can certainly get hot 30,.
    pico ID : Luilz Sinclair

  7. Luilz >>

    sorry i cant..
    btw i m really sad that u copyed my room3's idea.

    i wont make buddies any more on pico sorry

  8. Yuna~~ When I started playing pico its was nice & quite easy to earn gummies. But Its not the same as Pigg. People are so rude,cursing so much & so much more. I stopped playing & stayed on Pigg.

    Its so bad that they copy you, you make such great art in your pico room.

    Basilique du Sacré-Cœur is such a beautiful place I have been there and I would go again. ^^

  9. Kitamura>>
    Do you mean pigg is more rude and cursing that's why you stopped playing pigg?
    for me pico is more rude and cursing,, that's why recently i dont want to playing pico and i dont login so much...

    i wish you spend nice time on pigg and pico.

  10. I love your blog and your room very much ^^
    It has an amazing structure and design. Your new Pigg room, so awesome and flawless *o*
    Thanks for making places that we can all enjoy, and I'm really sorry to hear about the Copycats u.u

  11. Scarlett >>
    thank u for your comment and favorite my blogs.
    did you ask me about copycat on pico? if you did, nvm ;)

  12. I really copy the idea of your room 3?
    I think it's just a little like, I once asked for permission to you, and you allow it,
    I've deleted my room before I read this comment, because the room was very ugly,
    I'm really sorry to have upset you
    and sorry I'm so obsessed become your buddies,

    I hope you forgive me?
    because you never write in your profile,
    (I will never forgive any copycat)
    I was so scared, I did not mean to copycat,
    please do not kick me out of your room, pls?

  13. Luilz>>
    if u deleted its okai. never mind.

    i was saying another copycat..maybe i was tired that's too many copyer..

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Yuna, I will visit your room. if I can?
    nick me : e l a n g
    My FANSPAGE : http://www.facebook.com/pages/e-l-a-n-g/142936045786086?ref=notif&notif_t=page_new_likes