Jun 19, 2011

Result YUNA's Best Room

Thank you for joining for to room vote.
i got total 629 votes for one month until 15 june 2011

the best room is 

Hot Air Balloon in Netherlands


2nd. Castle on the sea in Japan

3rd Le Chateau de Chenonceau in France

4th Venice in Italy

 This is the result.
i already deleted the worst room "Italy".
the best room "Nethelands" i save for 2 month.

i' m surprising this result.

because 2nd ~4th rooms are not so differance of votes.

room4 was expectable.
 because room4 is new and quite unique room.

finally I'm glad that many people loved my rooms.
over 600vote is really awesome.

Thank you so much.

by the way my best room was the room1 japan room.

because i'm japanese. always room1 is japanese theme.
i like this room's coloring and design.

but i already deleted this room.

why did i already delete? regardless the result. [ room2 was 2nd place. ]

because, too much got copyed this room1...
so copycats drove me to delete this room earlier.

sad result isn't you?

but It's ok.
it's sad to be copied but i can make new room.

i really like to do something creative.
that's why i am a designer in real life.

it is my pleasure to make creative things and show it.

maybe i have to make something that no one can copy.
i need long times to make new room.

please wait and wonder :)

thank you

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