Dec 12, 2010

Asian Old Castle

This is a japanese old castle.

this room was modeled on Matsumoto castle and Heian Shrine.

▼HEIAN Shrine【KYOTO in japan】

◀MATSUMOTO Castel【NAGANO in Japan】
i just modeled on these  architectures.
i mixed the color of HEIAN shrine and outlook of MATSUMOTO Castle, 
then i add my idea and the Asian taste.
so my room is an original castle.

and i wanna make more one floor and a gate of this castle at the garden. 

but now, surpassed the room capacity...

so i can't

i wish the room capacity will be increased.

※my room is not pagoda and shrine.

so please don't ask me to remake this room.

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  1. I like your room on this one.
    japanese, japan and japanese. I love Japanese culture.
    I actually wanted to ask, how can you make this, but I think you will not like it.
    what I think now is, "You're so rich"
    This is the first time I see your room, and come directly to your room, 4 rooms at once was so grand.
    two thumbs up!

  2. thank u your comments.
    i answer your question "how can i make this?"
    it is really simple, with many blocks and many times.
    there is nothing special in my room.
    i had spent to make this room for one month.
    because to collect gummies is really hard for me.
    then, i think i m not so rich. of course i have used many AG items.
    but i m using almost only cheap items.
    for example, green grass is 5AG.

    so, my room is not special,
    just only a little patience is there.