Jun 19, 2011

Japanese Catle is gone

Japanese castle is gone.

maybe this room was my simbol room.
it was my favorite room.

Do you know room1 is always Japanese theme.

because i am japanese.
i want to show you japanese beauty in first room.

many times this room was copyed.

many copycats makes me sad tired to play pico.

finally an indonesian whose golden castle, he became famous with my this room's idea.
it was really hard to communicate with copycat. bcz he could not speak english well and really childish.
i give up about him.
i really hate to see hot30 now.

it's my fault, because this room was easy to copyed.

if you are true pico player, Never copy someone. that's only sad.

i don't want hate someone any more.

so tired playing pico
thank you for coming a lot.
maybe you can guess next room1 is going to be japanese theme.

maybe yes. but i will make completely new.

i'm just looking for the design.

please wait until complete

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pigg blog ranking

1 comment:

  1. I really like your Japanese Castle... I'll miss it. :(
    I'm Tazuka in Pico, by the way. I understand how it feels to have copycats. Like the 'Trap Game', I invented it, but then people started copying it and when I start one, not many people come because there's a whole lot of 'Trap Game' in the 'Rooms'. I get irritated when people made a Water Slide, too - because I was the first to make it. Now I deleted it and made something else.
    I'd really like to see your new home.