Mar 23, 2011

Le château de Chenonceau complete

i just finished room3

i spent 20 days to make this.

i love this castle. really elegant and beautiful.
what château de Chenonceau is?

this is the cheapest room for me.

because, i had used almost gumm items.

i just finished this room, but already someone started to copy,,,
i am really sad.

cheap room's probrem is easy to copy.

this room is full of room capacity too.
i guess i have used items here less than Taj Mahal.
[※ i made this castle where Taj Mahal room had been ]
because i m using big furnitures instead of blocks.
but it was too fast to reach the room capacity.
but not sure i never counted.

btw, u can go up on the roof
so try to go up there.
not only the roof. always my room is you can go all floors.

red carpet is a seat.
you can sit there. ▼

J' espère que les français  vont aimer cette room.

have a great pico life.

pigg blog ranking
pigg blog ranking

i got really sad comment.
why she can hurt so easily?
of course. i dont know her.
her age is 20-24, ,  i was surprised. bcoz autocrat was always child.
i hope she wont hurt someone no more.
i wish everyone enjoy and have happy time.

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