Mar 17, 2011

Le château de Chenonceau

almost complete room3.

i had opend there a few minuts to take a picture.

New Room is Le château de Chenonceau.

sorry i can't show clear picture because i'm closing my room, blame fav hackers.

Le château  de Chenonceau is a manor house near the small village of Chenonceaux, in the departement of the Loire Valley in France. 

it situated on the Cher River

i guess it is a minor castle.

it is a really ellegant.
i like waterside scene.

so this is the best castle for me.

have u already found that YUNA's room theme in 2011 is the Waterside Scene.
so room4 will be something waterside theme too.

i went to this castle last summer vacation.

i took this picture, it was cloudy...

a little patience, until the hackers are banned.

anyway thank you for many messages for the earthquake.

i was far from TSUNAMI. 
in my city, big earthquake was only 2 times,
me and my around are fine.
actually we have been served the water and the electricity.
but the foods, gasoline and  the medicine  have disappeared in my city.
all supermarkets and stores are empty..

we need a lot of times to get back usual.
but japan will surely revival. 
thank you for a lot of supports from many countries.

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