Mar 30, 2011

the oldest picture

i found the oldest my room's picture on my ameba album.

i started pigg in June, 2009.
when i started pigg i didn't care about my pigg room.
so i had not took my room's picture until March 2010.
this picture is just one year ago.

if you want to start Ameba Pigg, check my 2nd blog.

How to start Pigg?

※what's pigg??
pigg is pico for japanese.
more ppl, area, items there.

anyway i got total 10k visitors on this blog a few days ago.

thank you so much.

Attetion actually a lot of facebook hackers are stealing pico users account.
i got an unbelievable lettler on pico.
she asked me my facebook password.
of course i didn't tell her.
if you got a mail like this, Don't tell them about your account.

pigg blog ranking
pigg blog ranking


  1. Hello! I’d like to invite you to join a rotation that I’m maintaining specially for Pico bloggers. =)
    Please read this for more info:
    Thank you!

  2. That hacker is just posing as a nice little new 'newbie' so people won't suspect her!!

  3. Seppen>> i checked ur url.

    Random panda>> actually hackes are childlen too. on pigg a girl who is 10 years old, she hacked another girls account them she was caught and admonished by juvenile officers.
    anyone can hack, so be careful if it is child or not.

  4. Please I would like you all to go to this blog. It's also about Ambea pigg !!