Apr 15, 2011

Shopping Mall will be Closed

Today is Shopping Mall's Final day.

I will delete this room tomorrow.
This room was the best room on the vote in January.

But i could not have loved this room till the last.

Because, this room is ugly.

this room was very convenient to display new stuff.

But colorfull room is really difficult to keep beautiful.

the most important  element making room is coloring.

Thank you for coming a lot and loving here.

I will start to make new room.

I'm sure that i need a lot of times to complete new room.
maybe 2 or 3 weeks.

a little patience.

- sad to say -
a big Copycat is still copying my room

when i make a new room, always immediately someone copies my room.
when i visit copycat's room, half of them understand and change their room.
half of them say "It's YUNA who copy my room."
sometimes they kick me.
That's really sad.

If you know about me, it's easy to find who is the true copycat.
my rooms are completely original.
It's not easy to find new theme and to make a new room.
and you know that i don't like to make a room that someone has already done.
that's why i can not permit copycat.

When you make new room, Don't copy someone's room and ideas.
Because No one respect Copycat.
if you do it, you will just increase the people who hate you.
i don't want to hate someone.

it's only sad

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pigg blog ranking

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