Mar 10, 2011

sorry i close for a little while

now i m completely closing my room.

i cant open until the hacker will be banned.

i don't like to close my room, because i want to show my room for everyone.

but sad to say, actually some hackers are playing on pico.
the hacker visits someone's room and steals favorites..
im scared.

finally the hacker is on the top of hot 30.

i was surprised.
we cant open our room.
but she is shaking everyone and ranked in.
but she is not banned..
is a really incomprehensible right?

i only wish that we play pico as like always.

btw my buddies asked me to open my room, he was just hacked his Favs.
it might be he wish that i will be hacked.
i know it was his joke.
but im afraid of all.. 
so i close.
so if u want to talk me send a letter on pico.. 

i have closed my letter box.
because i got some mails like this.▼

he asked me to open my room.
he wish that i will be hacked.
i cant understand why they hurt me so easily?↓
really sad.

i m making my room3,

this is french castle,

but i need more some weeks to complete,,,

because, it is already full room capacity..
then i dont have enough gummies.

so i need more times..

so pls wait for a while..

thank you for your patience

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  1. Yah right.. O_O The hacker is now on top.. tsk tsk..

  2. hi thx for ur message. idk the hacker is still playing or not.

  3. I got same problem, my room is also full capacity.
    i sent pico a mail with this problem...