Mar 8, 2011

1st Ann's pico items

actually pico is 1st anniversary.

i tried to take some pictures.

u can also take same pic in my room4.

how to take a picture like this?▼
① stand there like this picture.
② click the action "Blow a Kiss"

so come and take pictures there.

i went to chloe's new decoration garden..
i took a nice pic with them.
am i like a boy?? :pp
 but i forgot to take the entire pic there :/
it was hard to take this pic, because always over 100 ppl are waiting to enter..

did u already find a new button on my blog?
this is to join to ameba pigg blog's ranking.
so when u read my new post, one click please↓↓↓

pigg blog ranking

thank you

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