Feb 28, 2011

Taj Mahal is Gone

many ppl asked me why i delete Taj Mahal?

its really simple.

because i want to make new room.

actually, Taj Mahal is Gone.

i am Big fan of Taj Mahal.

i wanted to express Taj Mahal's beauty on pico room.

it was difficult to find how to make this room. the curve of the roof and the arch ,,,and so on..

this room had many ideas to make. 

i know this room was too simple.

because i use only one color.

i don't like one color's room so much because one color's room is really easy to make.

but it was hard to show the difference of white.

thank you for many comment for this room.

please wait to build new room.

-about this room3-
theme :Taj Mahal
times to build :3 weeks
period : Nov.2010 - Feb 2011
old post :  14. Dec 2010
total item's number : full
AG :almost only gummie's itsms and casino item
vote : [ 3rd ]
my favorite : ★★★☆☆

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